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1. What is FixMyStreet Wallonia? What are its objectives?

FixMyStreet Wallonia is an application developed by the non-profit association Be WaPP asbl (For a Cleaner Wallonia), which can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet and can be downloaded from the usual app stores. There is also a website for people who do not have a smartphone to report issues they encounter. The municipalities of Wallonia and their citizens can use the app and access the website completely free of charge.

The application centralises reports in one place within the municipal services. The tool automatically geolocates the issue encountered in a public space and, depending on the nature of the incident, the service responsible for processing it is notified. Once the request has been accepted, the originator of the report is kept updated on progress with addressing the issue and receives a notification when it is resolved.

2. What issues can I report?

Three types of issues encountered in a public space can be reported by the app’s user:

  • Issues relating to public cleanliness (spilled bins, fly tipping, discarded litter, etc.);
  • Issues relating to public facilities (blocked drains, lighting, potholes, etc.);
  • Issues relating to green spaces (obstructive vegetation, etc.).

Not all issues encountered in public spaces will automatically require reporting through the app or intervention by the municipal services. The app will therefore draw the user’s attention to the fact that it will not process reports of, for example, a single tissue or can being left on the street.

3. Which municipalities are taking part?

The tool is currently being tested in several municipalities in Wallonia. This internal test, carried out by municipal staff, will familiarise them with the tool before it is made available to their citizens.

Are you a municipality wanting to know more? Click here! 

4. Why has my report not been published?

There may be a variety of reasons why your report has not been published: 

- The issue reported does not relate to damage that requires repair. You will be notified by the administrator that your report has not been accepted.

- The issue has already been reported by someone else. You will be sent the reference number of the issue already reported so that you can track its progress if you so choose.

- The issue relates to damage that cannot be processed through FixMyStreet Wallonia.

5. Why have my photo or my comments not been published?

Photos or comments may not be published if their content (photo or comments) are offensive or illegal. The relevant administrators (municipal, regional or other) reserve the right not to publish or to delete any reports or updates that they deem inappropriate. For more information, please see our ‘Terms and conditions of use’ page.

6. The location of the issue on the map and the address suggested by FixMyStreet Wallonia do not match

In some cases, the address suggested by FixMyStreet Wallonia and the location of the issue on the map do not match.

Move the cursor on the map to the exact location where you located the issue.
Disregard the address suggested by FixMyStreet Wallonia.
Enter the address where the issue is located in the ‘Comments’ field.

7. Who can see my personal information?

When you submit an issue, your contact details and the details of the issue are forwarded to the relevant administrator (municipal, regional or other). The contact details that you have provided (name, phone, e-mail address) will be used to contact you with information about the progress of your incident.

No personal information will be displayed on the public website or shared with any third party unless we are required to do so by law.

8. Protection of personal data

We guarantee the confidentiality of all information transmitted to us. In accordance with the law (see the website of the Belgian Official Gazette (Moniteur Belge), you have the right to access your personal data, to have it amended and to have it deleted.

Information received in connection with a request for information will be retained by Be WaPP asbl and the participating bodies, but will be used solely to respond to the request for information that has been submitted. In accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in the processing of personal data, you have the right to consult the data in question and, if necessary, to have it corrected. To exercise this right, you will need to contact Be WaPP asbl at the telephone number +32 81 32.26.40 or through its e-mail address

9. Are you going to send spam to my e-mail address?

Your e-mail address will be used by the administrator solely in connection with the issues you have reported, and if you have requested to be notified.

The e-mails you may receive are:

- notification messages with updates on progress with resolving an issue you have reported;

- notification messages with updates on progress with resolving an issue reported by another person and on which you have asked to be notified;

- messages from an administrator who would like to communicate with you personally about the progress of the issue you have reported.

10. Who manages this website?

See ‘About’

11. System requirements

The FixMyStreet Wallonia website is optimised for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux operating systems with the following software:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge 38 and above
Mozilla Firefox 50 and above
Google Chrome 53 and above
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 and above

The app is available through the App Store for iOS and through the Google Play Store for Android.


See 'Help'.

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